Niteris - Accident, Complaint and Aid Management

It allows to take statistics of the accidents that occurred on the road, to determine causes and to generate statistical analyzes that help to reduce the number of accidents. It contains a complaint load module where users' complaints are recorded to make statistics with reference values that allow controls to be carried out. For the control of the aid that is sent to assist the accidents, the system has a module that allows to load the data of the vehicles, and to obtain statistics of the use to evaluate the amount of necessary resources.

Accident Management
Through this module are loaded through the accident data detailing, among others, the most relevant data of the same: • Date and Time
• Place of occurrence
• Km
• Number of injured
• Number of deaths
• Vehicles involved
• People who traveled in vehicles
• Scheme of the accident
• Description of the accident
• Weather condition at the time of the accident
• Hospital where the injured were transferred
• Mechanical aid
• Statistics report by: date and time of the accident, part number, route and Km of occurrence, number of deaths, number of victims and number of vehicles involved. • Automatic part number assignment
of accident
• Accident part printing Reporting Management Manage complaints reported by users, allowing their subsequent monitoring. • Data load of the report: date, time, type of complaint, reason, Km., Patent, etc.
• Assignment of an automatic number for its follow-up.
• Print the complaint form Aid Management Load of the data of the assistance that assisted in the accident. • Helpdesk, driver data, date, start and end time, Route, Km, accident part number related to the aid, vehicle data and type of service.
• Generation of the help movements form.
• Vehicle-assisted aid report