Balance Record Management

Modular system of control of loads that allows to generate in automatic form the act of verification of infringement, the report of notification and recognition of debt
Vehicle Configuration
It allows to define without limitations, different configurations of trucks specifying the category, the total weight allowed, the width, height, length and maximum power. In the following figures you can see some of the predefined configurations
The different configurations of tandems are configured indicating the weight, the tolerance and the separation of axes. The following figure shows a configuration of a tandem type T1D1D1A whose maximum weight is 21 thousand kg with a tolerance of 2 thousand kg and separation 1.20 & lt; D & lt; 2.40
The different types of wheels (wide, double, simple) and their dimension are defined
The value of the fine is determined in fixed units denominated UF each of which is equivalent to one liter of special naphtha. The amount of the fine is determined in UF amounts and its equivalent in money is calculated at the time of payment. The system automatically calculates the quantity of liters of special naphtha and the amount of excess load
Balance type
The system allows defining the type of balance used for load control (static or mobile)
The circulation direction of the weighing is defined (ascending or descending)
The address of the place where the load control was made is configured
The data and the access codes of the system operators are configured
- Report of accounts - Monthly summary of infractions - Monthly summary of operations - Monthly summary of operations by carrier - Reports of fines - Summary of heavy
The balance record system is designed to be integrated into the billing module, thus automating the partial or total cancellation of the fine payment between both systems. When issuing an invoice for an infraction record, the minutes module automatically verifies the payment of the minutes in the billing system and updates the status of the debt. This integration allows keeping the status of the account summary of the fines updated through the interaction of the minutes system with the billing module. The system is also ready to be entered with a weighing scale, take the values of the weighing and inform the user.