The Teing emblem symbolizes the innovative features and reliability of the product.
The logo design consists of a circumference with five straight lines inside that converge at a point on the circumference.
The circumference represents the principle of conservation in which nothing is rigorously created or destroyed, at the most it is transformed, and putting innovation into practice consists of changing things and adapting to the environment by introducing novel aspects.
In geometric terms, the line determines the shortest distance between two points and is the one chosen by us to find the solutions we provide to our clients.
The lines, geometrically, contain infinite points that represent knowledge.
The management of infinite knowledge induces us to training, learning and continuous improvement.
The diametral line represents our customers.
The other four lines that support the diametral represent our commitment to customer satisfaction.
The convergence of the lines represents the common objectives and interests that we share with our clients.
The point of intersection of all the lines with the circumference represents the origin, the inspiration and the lighting necessary to realize the projects and the unlimited opportunities to grow.