CRM system oriented to toll, highway and motorway concessionaires

The CRM system is an application that allows all the interactions between a company and its customers to be centralized in a single database.
This CRM software is aimed at road and highway toll grantees, gathering all the information in this case, from the complaints and suggestions management, keeping a detailed history of the treatment and resolution of each one of them.
Through the CRM, it is possible to trace the actions taken on the complaints and suggestions made by the users of the routes and highways.
The companies that use CRM solutions generate a continuous improvement, speeding up the management and disposing of the information for a better customer service.

The system records the data of the complaints / suggestions through the following structure:
  • Types of incident: incidents with barriers, loose animals, dirt on the road, vandalism, lack of maintenance, innocents in the work area, deficiencies in services, toll value, delays in collection, signage, etc. In turn, each type contains one or several subtypes. The different types and subtypes of incidents are configurable in the system and new ones can be added, eliminated or modified based on the National Roadway requirements.

  • Description of the incident: the user's exposure is settled.

  • Reference: additional information about the place of occurrence (posters, roundabouts, intersections, service areas, etc.)

  • Numbering of the registration (internal of the concessionaire): the numbering of the Book of Complaints and Suggestions of the station is used. If the complaint / suggestion is made by other means (fax, postal mail, e-mail, self-management terminal, etc.) the numbering is assigned automatically and correlatively for each concessionaire company.

  • Registration status: the complaint / suggestion may be in the Active, Closed or Canceled state depending on the actions taken.

  • Date and time of the formulation of the complaint / suggestion

  • Extension of response time: with this information, the expiration date is extended to respond to the response.

  • Operator data: it contains the data of the system operator (name and surname, type and number of documents, e-mail, etc.) to which the data of the toll station, the concession company, the corridor number, location, etc. are associated. .

  • User data: it contains the information of the person making the complaint / suggestion (name and surname, type and number of document, telephone, address, etc.).

  • Presentation medium: indicates whether the complaint / suggestion was made by the Complaint Book, fax, telephone, postal mail or e-mail or by the self-management terminal.

  • Attached: additional to the entry of the complaint in the system is attached a digital file in PDF format that is obtained from the scan of the complaint and / or an MP3 file that contains the recording of the claim / suggestion made by the user.

The CRM operates with different permissions and roles, in general the following profiles can be configured: user service representatives, analysts, administrators, computer technicians, dealership personnel, among others.

System operators have access permissions according to the following scheme:

  • National Roadway Administrator Level: has the following permissions:
    • Reading only of all records
    • Queries of all records
    • Visualization of the records written off by the supervisors of all the concessions

  • Administrator level of the concessionaire: it is assigned to a person in charge of the concessionaire and has the following permits (only for the data of the concessionaire to which it belongs):
    • ABM of supervisors
    • Reading only of all records
    • Queries of all records
    • Display of records written off by supervisors
    • ABM of the data entry of complaints / suggestions made by fax, postal mail, telephone, e-mail.

  • Concessionaire Supervisor Level: it is assigned to a person in charge of the concessionaire and has the following permits (only for the data of the concessionaire to which it belongs):
    • ABM of the data entry of complaints / suggestions made by the Complaint Book
    • ABM of all records
    • Queries of all records

  • Concessionaire Data Entry level: it is assigned to an operator of the concessionaire and can register and modify the records loaded by it.
When making a cancellation or modification of a record the system automatically sends an e-mail to the NATIONAL ROAD, to the Administrator of the dealership and to the same operator containing the operation data.
The records are not physically deleted from the database but are marked as such.

  • User level: it is used for the self-management terminal:
    • Entry of complaints / suggestions

According to the permissions of the system operators, queries are generated by: The report is detailed and aggregated as appropriate.
The generated data can be printed and exported to Excel format.

The proposed architecture contemplates the centralization of the data of complaints / suggestions in a server and the interaction with the system of all the stations and of National Roads.
The Web application runs on a Windows Server platform with MySQL or PostgreSql database engine, for which the concessionaire must hire an Internet hosting.

The CRM System is accessed through a web address to be defined.
All operations are performed from a web interface and the operations allowed to the user are determined according to the granted level.
The operations that each role can perform are detailed in point II LEVELS OF OPERATORS OF THE SYSTEM.