Celeris - Control system and toll collection

Teing develops Tolling Control Systems on different technologies and modalities: manual, automatic, dynamic collection with electronic toll collection, free-flow and shadow.
Those who choose us value the high technology, the adaptability of the system to new requirements, the post-sale support and the low cost of maintenance.
The versatility of the toll control system offers scalability with the following main features:
  • Flexible and configurable by the client: the user can easily expand the means of payment, categories, rates and new physical vehicle configurations.
  • Number of categories: you can define up to 9999 different categories of vehicles
  • Payment methods: supports multiple means of payment such as cash, credit cards, prepaid travel, prepaid money and checking account (contactless technology, chip, magnetic, barcode), debit / credit cards with on-line satellite inquiry, prepaid toll collection or current account, special exemptions with video control, official exempt with patent control, payment control with whitelist and blacklist.
  • Special rates: the toll rates are configurable by system according to the physical characteristics of the vehicle, allowing to apply special rates based on modifiers: according to the route traveled, according to payment in another station, according to payment in another concession, if the payment is one way or return, discounted rate with valid time interval control. Depending on the combination of one or more of these modifiers, the system determines the fee to be charged.
  • Autonomy: each collection booth operates independently from the rest of the booths, which provides tolerance to failures when the server falls. The amount of data of transits and shifts that can be stored autonomously is limited by the capacity of the rigid disk, being in the case of a rigid disk of 40 Gb, an average of 3,000 shifts with 1,200,000 transits per shift and via.
  • Scalable architecture: both the number of collection ways and the number of toll plazas can be extended without the need to make hardware and software changes. scalability allows you to extend and maintain control of new posts by simply configuring the system.